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Benefits of Using SaaS Application Portfolio Assessment

Every modern business has one or more usages for information technology. Many businesses are almost wholly managed by the use of modern technological intervention to manage their marketing, human resource, finance, legal and sales department. Businesses rely on various application software to manage projects or key services. It is little wonder that within a short period of time information technology keeps experiencing growth. This advancement improves the utility and efficiency of the technology as we know it. As technology grows so does the management of productivity, security and service provision in a business. Hence from time to time the users should update the software to remove the obsolete, costly and inefficient ones. Hence the need for software application portfolio.

Large institutions can hardy keep an eye on the activities and devices plugged into their servers. This is risky because some users such as employees may violate the end user software license agreement. This is not a good thing as the organization may be penalized for mistakes they are not aware of. Thus the institution should consider subscribing for software application portfolio management.

Many firms hire out the services of Software-as-a-Service SaaS to provide and manage their application portfolio. SaaS is a service offered through cloud computing to ease the client’s burden of supply and monitoring of software. It is upon the customer to decide if SaaS will manage their entire software application needs or part of it. There are numerous advantages when a firm goes for SaaS software application portfolio.

The first role of SaaS is to host software applications and to offer them to customers who have subscribed for the services. All that the customer needs to do to access any application is to link up with the cloud computing via the internet. SaaS also provides a platform to monitor the use of this application software on a transparent platform. It can pinpoint on which of the users is utilizing a software thus making it easier to prevent misuse or illegal use of the software. It is a good way of ensuring the adequate use of the application.

With SaaS monitoring system duplicate software is consolidate and all software is usually updated. When the application software is constantly updated with the latest version the chances of cybercrime infiltration is eliminated or minimized.

Another important benefit of using SaaS application portfolio assessment is that it increases efficiency and thus reduces overheads used in maintaining software. The cost is associated with the purchase and maintenance of application software. The variety of latest application available with SaaS service provider is important because it enables all departments of the firm to operate optimally. Instead of discarding outdated software application and acquiring new one, the firm can outsource this task to SaaS and concentrate on its co business.

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